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International Programmes

By your side, wherever you are

Area Broker & QZ assists its clients by offering them insurance consulting at a global level, thanks to its staff’s expertise, which also extends to cover this sector, and their professionalism.

The international insurance market certainly offers a wide range of opportunities, but it is a complex sector as well. The delicate balance between adapting to local laws and regulations and a company’s need to have centralised management makes risk assessment and the choice of suitable insurance coverage even more difficult.

Centralising international insurance policies for greater control

Many firms, usually those that are less well-structured, allow their branch offices to take out insurance policies directly through local insurers.

Those who choose this path will find themselves having to manage a series of diverse agreements, with a consequent lack of risk control and management, and will furthermore remain unsure of whether they have made the most financially advantageous choice.

Entering into an international insurance programme with our foreign partners means:

  • Implementing a single and homogeneous insurance strategy for all of your company’s national and international offices
  • Having centralised control of the insurance budget
  • Monitoring every claim reported and/or settled
  • Having a single partner with whom to discuss all insurance-related issues
  • Cost savings, thanks to greater purchasing power
  • Avoiding fluctuating insurance-costs cycles in different markets, creating greater stability in terms of group premiums.
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