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Employee Benefits & Welfare

Insurance solutions to foster employee loyalty

In recent years, businesses have been placing an increasing emphasis on Employee Benefits. These include insurance-related incentives specifically targeting employees, which have come to be seen as essential for increasing employee loyalty and satisfaction.

Area Benefit & Care

Area Benefit & Care was founded as a spin-off of Area Broker & QZ Consulting. It is exclusively dedicated to the development of Insurance Programmes for Employee Benefits that are innovative and can be personalised.

Designed with the needs of both management and other categories of employees in mind, these programmes are characterised by their flexibility, affordability and completeness.

Tax and social security benefits

Area Benefit & Care puts at the company’s disposal welfare and assistance funds, to allow its clients to enjoy tax and social security benefits. Subscribing to the programmes offered by the welfare and assistance funds moreover will allow you access to products that are extremely advantageous, thanks to economies of scale.

Flexible Benefits programmes, which can be managed using a dedicated web platform, can also be developed and created, as can Company Welfare policies.

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