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The latest development in the insurance market

Affinity Groups are risk management programmes targeted for specific groups of individuals, partners, registered members, employees, professionals and/or businesses that have homogeneous characteristics and insurance requirements, making it possible to develop and fine tune targeted products, rates and terms, creating a single insurance instrument characterised by its improved quality-price ratio.

A new sort of demand in the insurance market

AREA BROKER & QZ Consulting is therefore addressing all those clients (companies, associations, organisations, etc.) who are interested in developing projects to offer insurance services to groups of people, in order:

  • to increase their portfolio of offers
  • to be able to differentiate themselves from their competitors
  • to foster customer loyalty
  • to improve what they offer to their employees
  • to offer added value to their associates.

Our objective is therefore not merely to make insurance products available within a group, but rather to begin partnerships with our clients, thus allowing them to become promoters of high-added-value services for their associates, for their final customers or for individuals who see themselves reflected in our clients and their values.

The offer must satisfy the shared expectations of those who belong to the Affinity group, as well as offer coverage supplementary to that contained in the policies that may already have been taken out by individuals. It is essential, first and foremost, to determine concrete needs and specific targets, so as to define the best solution, one that can stand above offers made by the competition.

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