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The Role of Broker

Who are insurance brokers?

Professional insurance brokers put their clients into contact with the insurance market to help them get coverage for the risks associated with their business operations.

Why choose a broker?

Placing your trust in Area Broker & QZ is the best way to take on the challenges of the free market, with the support of a partner you can rely on.

Because we do not have any obligations or commitments to insurance companies, we can examine every aspect and option available on the market with a critical eye, identifying for our clients only the solutions that truly satisfy their needs when it comes to protecting their corporate and personal assets.

The added value of AREA BROKER & QZ is that we have at our disposal not only an expert in insurance products, but also an expert on risk.

Our support and advice in the insurance sector is also essential to avoid signing up for useless or inadequate coverage, which tends to inflate the final cost of the policy itself.

Consulting and Brokerage

Always ready to listen to your needs

Insurance matters are often presented using language that is less than transparent. Our task is to make that language clearer and more comprehensible. How? Through periodic and methodical insurance consulting.

This is a goal that can, in fact, only be achieved by working alongside our clients. We are not merely simple insurance brokers but true consultants, at the disposal of those who feel the need to gain more in-depth knowledge and/or greater clarity on certain topics or who simply wish to seek out more advantageous technical and financial conditions.

Insurance consulting, at your service

We shoulder the burden of any insurance problem, especially in the event of claims, which we handle from the time they are filed until their settlement.

In order to always guarantee the best quality/price ratio and remain competitive, we periodically monitor the insurance market and study new procedures to optimise our methods of operation and our timeframes for the provision of services.

Accurate and prompt insurance consulting, capable of providing clear and straightforward responses to our clients’ requests.

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