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Over 90 professionals located in our offices in Reggio Emilia, Parma, Piacenza, Bologna and Rimini work every day with passion and enthusiasm to ensure that our clients’ total satisfaction is at the heart of all of our business processes.

With professionalism and expertise, they lay out for our clients their businesses’ critical issues, mapping and identifying risks and formulating and recommending tailored insurance solutions.

Much more than simple insurance brokers

Our goal is to offer services that are constantly improving. We do not wish to be viewed as mere ‘placers’ of insurance products, but as consultants who, through risk assessments, help our clients to eliminate, reduce, retain or transfer those risks to the insurance market using the most appropriate instruments.
Our staff, who are always up-to-date thanks to periodic training courses, utilise new and advanced business risk management techniques, offering their services both within Italy and abroad.

The Area Broker & QZ ACADEMY is born

Going against current trends in the insurance market, we are investing significant economic resources and committing our entire organisation, from the management down, to a programme involving over 400 hours per year of technical, behavioural and motivational training, with a view to constantly improving how we manage our relationships and our consulting, all to the benefit of our clientele.

New technologies, to always offer the best

To keep pace with the process of digitalization, the team has at its disposal tools capable of satisfying even those clients who are most accustomed to using new technologies.
We strongly believe in nurturing our interpersonal relationships and in good communication: only through these are we able to get to know our clients and best interpret their needs, identifying the solutions most suitable to each.

The Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors:

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